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Title: [cleared]:Theme and CSS bugs
Post by: Rodinou on October 15, 2003, 05:56:58 pm
Gwen [ 05 ]-11 tÚlÚchargements

> The possibility via admin to "see" in thumbnails mode downloads or not (I don't find it's important)

> Problem with all themes. By editing them, I have seen some values cannot be changed, even if CSS if used ( in <!-- BEGIN album_cell --> <!-- END album_cell -->

> Brandcrew is one time at the top, and sometimes beneath "Powered by Coppermine Gallery" ... ?!
 > Fixed : in fact, we can choose "where it appears" in admin panel

> All themes are become "too short" in width : indeed, new options have been added (like for example FAV) and the layouts are "broken" ... even in 1024x768, some of themes have to been scrolled in the width ... (Rod, great english, if they can understand it, congratulations ...)

> A lot of news in admin : Great !!!
> Last Album : Great !!! (I rewrite my request : beneath the title of the album, if it was possible to link with the Name of the Category ...)
> Don't understand 'anycontent': Display contents output by anycontent.php :)
 > Fixed Ok, customization in fact of the footer
> Themes very easy to edit > 100000 thanx.

I didn't know where post, so if the post is moving, let me know :)