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Title: Question
Post by: wwedivas on April 19, 2008, 05:34:56 am
Hi I uploaded some old php files from my cpg148 copy and replaced existing files on my webserver including anycontent.php which apparently is a big no no cause I pretty much lost all of my albums :( I did this cause my site was hacked and I thought doing this would solve the issue. I'm currently going through a bunch of steps I've read on here to upgrade and get rid of the malware that was put on the site. Is there anyway to get everything back the way it was when I get through this so that all of my albums and pictures are back the way they were?
Title: Re: Question
Post by: tfischer on April 19, 2008, 05:42:45 am
Virtually all your content resides in the database and the albums folder.  If you deleted/replaced these, then there's no turning back, unless you have a backup.  Otherwise you're probably ok, although I can't really see how you'd "upgrade" and get these symptoms without doing that...