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Title: PB error with .kmz file
Post by: kryspin on March 18, 2008, 03:04:33 pm
I have recently installed Nibblers great filetypes_editor plugin. It seems to work just fine with some extensions. I successfully added .kml, .gpx and .plt (Ozi Explorer track). However, I ran into a few problems. I tried to add .kmz file and .wpt (Ozi Explorer waypoint file) and even though the mimetype is correct, filetype is set to "document" (once I forgot and left it for image - no wonder it does not work then) and "no player" and everything seemed to be ok. When I tried to batch add uploaded .kmz, I got PB error (it works fine with .kml).  Attributes of directory the file is in is set to "777". I even tried to edit and to delete the extension and create it again, but it didn't help. Does anybody know where might be the problem? I would be really thankfull for help.
Title: Re: PB error with .kmz file
Post by: ju on April 13, 2008, 01:39:20 pm

Sorry for my English...

In phpmyadmin, modify table cpg14x_filetypes/mime for varchar(40)

and insert this code (in phpmyadmin/sql) :

INSERT INTO `cpg14x_filetypes` (`extension`, `mime`, `content`, `player`) VALUES('kml', 'application/', 'document', ''),('kmz', 'application/', 'document', '');

Prefix attention to the table (cpg14x_).