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Title: wow ....!
Post by: MLimburg on October 14, 2003, 05:56:19 am
Firstly, wow ... at coppermine.  I'm going to integrate it into my default expanded phpbb2 environment I plan to use for a) my personal site, b) my club's site, and c) anywhere else I'm asked to admin :)

Secondly, wow ... at the care, respect, consideration and process used towards the original author and to  bring this project to sourceforge.  I am continually blown away with how open source works, and to see this process unfold over the past few weeks has been amazing.  I applause your actions folks, a job well done and a prime example of how to act.

Once I get past my initial setup of phpbb2, the various mods and custom coding I'll add .. I'll insert coppermine into the mix and start providing some coding and theme input.  Looks like to be an excellent proejct and something I would love to be part of.