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Title: Outside links in _BLANK
Post by: Pascal YAP on November 29, 2007, 11:40:30 pm
It's a cosmetic issue, but everybody want a new window for outside links. (vanity link, bookmarks links or Copyright CPG...)
I'm irritating to be pushed out from my own Gallery  ;D

Title: Re: Outside links in _BLANK
Post by: Joachim Müller on November 30, 2007, 09:37:16 am
Using the target="_blank" attribute in links is deprecated and would render the coppermine output invalid in terms of HTML validation, that's why the Coppermine dev team has decided for cpg1.4.x to open external links in the same window and just adding the rel="external". You (as dev team member) are welcome to look that discussion up on the dev-only board.
There are instructions posted in the thread "Change 'Powered by CPG' link to target=_blank ? (" that will allow you to accomplish what you're up to. Quite frankly I just hate it if I'm bossed around by site owners who open external pages in new windows - usually I leave sites doing that immediately. In my opinion 90% of all surfers know their browser good enough to be aware that they can open a link in a new window if they want to. 99% of all surfers know how to use the "back"-button of their browsers, so this should not be an issue neither. Why should we want to boss users around?
This being said: the target="_blank" attribute will never return into Coppermine's core code if I'm allowed to have a say on that. You're welcome though to do one of the following things:
a) add the instructions of above mentioned sticky thread into the cpg1.5.x documentation
b) add the corresponding JavaScript into the core, with an option in coppermine's config to enable it (default must be off).

Marking thread as "Turned down" - target="_blank" will not return.

You originally posted this thread on the cpg1.5.x bugs board. As it is most definitely not a bug, Nibbler moved your thread here.