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Title: CPG 14: problem with "change thumb"
Post by: Charlene184 on November 12, 2007, 12:16:40 am
Hello guys,

I've just installed the new version of Coppermine and the mod, but I have a little problem trying to change the thumb of my zip files :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strtolower() in /home/ggb/public_html/videoarchive/changeThumb.php on line 82

Could you help me please ? I'm  ???

Thank you for your time, and congrats on the wonderful job you guys have been doing with Coppermine  ;)
Title: Re: CPG 14: problem with "change thumb"
Post by: Stramm on November 12, 2007, 12:35:43 am
then you use a php version < 4.3.0 ... in that case you need to comment out or delete
Code: [Select]
    if (ctype_upper($tmatches[2])) {
        $matches[2] = mb_strtoupper($matches[2]);
    } else {
        $matches[2] = mb_strtolower($matches[2]);

this reduces some comfort (upper/ lowercase extension detection won't work anymore - if the orig media has upper case extension eg. WMV, then you need to upload an image with an upper case extension JPG - otherwise it won't work - that's limitations of coppermine)
Title: Re: CPG 14: problem with "change thumb"
Post by: Charlene184 on November 12, 2007, 01:29:26 am
Thanks Stramm, now it works perfectly  ;D

I had some troubles with the watermaks too, even when I say I don't want any watermark (for videos, audio.. AND pictures), it was still showing the watermark. So I took off the adress to the logo (images/watermark.png), and it now works - this is just in case anyone have the same problem or you guys want to correct something.
Of course if it's me that didn't check or uncheck something, I apologise in advance.  ;D
Title: Re: CPG 14: problem with "change thumb"
Post by: Stramm on November 12, 2007, 01:57:57 am
to disable watermarking you'll have to set 'Watermark Image' to no
Watermark custom thumbs (movie, audio, document) adds a tag 'movie' to custom thumbs if the media type is movie... has nothing to do with image watermarking (intermediate and fullsized images)
Watermark... (default off)
Settings in config->Image watermarking
Works with IM and GD2. The watermark image should be a .png file. You can make it's background transparent. The transparency settings in config will make the entire watermark transparent to the image background (ImageMagick only).
You'll have to enter the absolute or relative path to the watermark image in config. Preset is a sample watermark in coppermines images directory. So you should see this sample when enabling the watermark function and upload a test image.
There's a new nifty feature. Automatically downsizing of the watermark image when the uploaded picture is smaller than the width you set (Downsize watermark if width of an picture is smaller than entered value. That is the 100% reference point. Resizing of the watermark is linear (0 to disable)).
If you eg. enter here 1024 (like I did on my demo site), then the 100% reference is at images with a width of 1024px or bigger. If you upload pics > 1024px the watermark image won't get resized and attached with its full size. If you let coppermine create an intermediate image with a width of 400 pics, then the watermark will get downsized to 39% of it's original size. Is the fullsized eg. 512px, then the watermark will have 50% of it's orig size. Of course this sucks some CPU. And it's working excellent together with (example: )
Files and thumbnails settings -> Auto resize images that are larger than max width or height (set it to the same as you used for the 100% reference... in the example 1024)
this way the watermark will always fit perfectly onto your images

To undo a watermark turn off watermarking and use the admin tools
If you use GD2 then the transparency setting in config has no function. If you want the watermark to be transparent against the background, then reduce layer transparency of your watermark image in your paint proggy to eg. 50 (this I did for the sample watermark)...