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Title: Revised Way of Adding Images to Gallery (Directory-related)
Post by: Albel on October 17, 2007, 04:04:11 pm
In 1.4.x, Coppermine shows the albums by categories, then all of the albums that are under that. For a normal Gallery, that's fine, but for a Gallery that has albums that have the same name (like a Screenshots album called In-Game, that is used more than once, for each game), it becomes a problem, because you have to put some sort of mark, like (ENTERGAMEHERE), because you'll have numerous albums that have the same name,

So, moving to a system that shows the categories/albums in a tree-like fashion would be a better choice, because it's more logical for large galleries, and should be easier for newbies to "visually" see where it goes. Or even having somethinglike this as a optional choice in the configuration section would be good, IMO.

As an example

Final Fantasy I

      Concept Art

Bolded = category, and non-bold = album.