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Title: Feature Request - Login outside of Coppermine gallery directory ...
Post by: Jax2 on August 05, 2007, 05:38:23 am
I have to say, I have been so frustrated by this that it's to the point I'm near to giving up.

I am trying to simply pass the login boxes from the coppermine gallery to my index page. I have read all over the forums (The search feature on these forums is horrible, so hard to find exactly what you're looking for, so I appologize if there was a correct answer, I couldn't find it.), and as I just said, I couldn't find the answer I am looking for... simply people telling those who ask about this that they have to be in the coppermine root directory. Why?

Is there any way someone could make a bridge that is just for websites? Not for a BBS, not for a content management system, but a simple way to add some code / script to your main site and have it show you a nice, working login box that can actually remember if you're logged in or not?

Currently, it seems the only way I can go about this is to
1) Install PHPbb, bridge it, mess with the redirects, and then run into numerous problems with logging in, such as it not working 3/4 of the time.
2) Copy the login.php code into my main page, but then it will not update to show you as logged in...

So, basicly, what I am looking for would do the following exactly:

Allow you to log in to coppermine from directories other than coppermines root
Allow you to retrieve variables or constants from coppermine such as user_name...etc to display outside of coppermine (For example, Welcome back {$user_name} ...

Nothing more, nothing less, it seems as if this shouldn't be such a hard thing to do for someone with some basic programming skills, which I entirely lack.

If someone knows of this being done already, as I said, can't find it ANYWHERE, and I have spent 3 days looking now, PLEASE email me or leave a reply here with the details so I can get it... thank you!

(P.s. There is something simular for PHPBB to allow you to pull the login box, user status box, search box and more out of PHPBB directory and use them anywhere on your site... seems like this should have been done for coppermine long ago...)
Title: Re: Feature Request - Login outside of Coppermine gallery directory ...
Post by: Joachim Müller on August 05, 2007, 09:01:42 pm
Title: GauGau, please actually read the entire post... + new requested feature?
Post by: Jax2 on August 06, 2007, 05:27:53 am
Gaugau, you locked my thread with a simple "No support in features request" link.

If you had actually read my entire post, you would see that I was asking for a new feature, the ability to create login boxes/status boxes outside of the coppermine gallery root directory. This is a features request. It is something that SHOULD have been added to the bridging, or else added in another fashion. This is honestly one of the very few scripts I have come across that requires login that you cannot find a mod/add on, or that comes with the ability, to do this. It is a great program, and I would love to continue using it, but if I cannot make it work with the rest of my site without having to go with one of the CMS's you have bridges for, I can't use it. That would be a real shame as this script makes gallery2 look like crap.

I was not asking someone to tell me how to do it, I was simply asking if you could include this ability in the next release of coppermine. It would make life so much easier for those of us who HAVE to have the gallery script in a separate directory other than the root, mostly because of hosting issues.

On that note...

If I could keep coppermine in my root directory, yet not have it be the first page people see, I would have to change the coppermine main page to something other than index.php, as that is taken for my home page. Again, is this something you could include in the next version? The ability to select the name of the main gallery page, either when you install it, or at a later date?  I am sure it would be as simple as changing all references to index.php to a constant that you define at install or in the admin menu, again, making life a bit simpler for us non-super-programmers out there :)

Title: Re: GauGau, please actually read the entire post... + new requested feature?
Post by: Joachim Müller on August 06, 2007, 07:06:41 am
Adding a login-box to non-coppermine-driven pages is dead easy - you just need to copy the corresponding HTML output of the form into your non-coppermine page. This has been asked and answered several times already. Making all your pages "coppermine-aware" is being explained in several postings as well. Reading coppermine's cookies from non-coppermine-pages is explained as well as moving coppermine's folders into your webroot. Just specify another index file (using .htaccess) if you don't want index.php to be the primary index file of the folder coppermine resides in (this can be the webroot as well). All the things you request can not be incorporated into a future version, as they require editing your non-coppermine pages. Subsequently, we can't integrate those features into future releases. That's why I told you that you mustn't ask for support on the feature requests board. Starting yet another thread on the feature requests board is not a bright idea if you want help - you should respect board rules if you expect answers.
I read your entire posting: you requested several things in one thread, which is against board rules as well. Renaming coppermine's index file is silly when you can change the scheme of index files on your webserver.

I'm merging this new thread you started with the original one. Try to respect board rules in the future.