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Title: Several upload options (esp for big galleries)
Post by: Riccardo83 on August 03, 2007, 07:54:49 pm
My website is

I used to have 4images as my galery but it doenst work well anymore with vbuletin so i switched to coppermine, which is great.

A few things I would suggest to make the whole administration better, uploading wise:

Let me give you one example, I uploaded a folder wallpaper with 300 images into album/

After this I tried to use the web upload function and added a new image to see where coppermine woudl upload it to, and it uploaded it into /albums/userpics/10001/

I woudl like coppermine to upload this pic into albums/wallpaper just to make the whole thing easier.

Same about user uploads, if they coudl be placed into the same assigned folder for each album, which the admin just approves. (makeing a tem folder on ftp where useruploads are being placed until coppermine moves them into the right folder on ftp by approval)

This would be the greatest thing, for a lot of us, a lot of people loved this feature on the other gallery, which sucks because integration there is poor, but coppermine is great integrated into any forum.

Love this gallery, and these features would make me die for it.