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Title: Mod: add filename to target of XP Publish "Finish" button
Post by: ErisDS on July 25, 2007, 03:01:58 pm
The XP Publish "Finish" button directs users back to your coppermine folder.

However it doesn't include index.php or the "URL of your home page" in the path.

Thus if you have an index.html, or if your home page is not called index.php or if your coppermine folder redirects else where, users will not be taken back to the main page after completing the XP Publishing Wizard.

This will add your home page to the path used by the Finish button:

xp_publish (line 478)
Code: [Select]
htmluiTag.text = '<?php echo trim($CONFIG['site_url'], '/') . '/'?>';add the "home target" ..
Code: [Select]
htmluiTag.text = '<?php echo trim($CONFIG['site_url'], '/') . '/' $CONFIG['home_target']?>';
I have an index.html, so this little fix saves me a lot of trouble :)