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Title: Integrated CPG-Stramm
Post by: cgc0202 on July 02, 2007, 01:43:21 am
Hi Stramm,

I wonder if this is a "correct procedure".  I have many independent galleries. To upgrade from an older CPG version withe integrated Stramm modpack, what I do is this:

I upload the latest  entire CPG (e.g., v1.4.11) into the root directory. This is renamed as cpg1411. [No installation is done following the upload and rename.] After that is done,  the latest Stramm modpack (e.g., stramm_mod1.4.11.bridge.1) is opened, and the content of the Stramm mod uploaded to the latest entire CPG (renamed cpg1411).

I then download, the "integrated CPG1411-Stramm-mod1411".   

1. Creating New Gallery.

If I wish to prepare another new gallery, I upload the "integrated CPG1411-Stramm-mod1411" and do an install,  the after the install, I execute the update process.  [Until cpg1.4.9, this has worked, for new install. For cpg1410, the process works.]

2. Update an Old Gallery.

I create a   "for update" version of the "integrated CPG1411-Stramm-mod1411", let us call this simply as  "for update" version.  To prepare this, I remove the appropriate files or directories  (e.g., install.php, albums, and specific files in the include directory as noted in the "update" instructions). 

This  "for update" version of the "integrated CPG1411-Stramm-mod1411" is then uploaded into the directory of the older cpg  that needs update. Then  update.php is done.

I hope both the Update process in 1 and 2 are OK.  It saves me a lot of time by doing a 'single loading of the "integrated CPG1411-Stramm-mod1411'."


Title: Re: Integrated CPG-Stramm
Post by: Stramm on July 02, 2007, 08:48:40 am
yes, both methods work

You can copy the contents of the modpack archive into the original CPG replacing the existing files.
Install: As usual but after finished the install you need to run update.php
Upgrade: As usual and run update.php after the upgrade process
Title: Re: Integrated CPG-Stramm
Post by: cgc0202 on July 09, 2007, 11:37:19 pm
Thanks Stramm,

Now I have to do this again with v1.4.12