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Title: Change thumbnail behaviour to link to ssi file?
Post by: wonderin on March 28, 2007, 04:18:34 pm
Hi, I am happily theming along with my Coppermine install but I now have a request that I have searched for but not seeming to find anything.

What I would like to do is change the operation of clicking a thumnail so that instead of showing a large picture with the file info and comments underneath I would like it to link to the page but to include an ssi file, so that I can write my own custom html file per thumbnail. 

So when a surfer visits...they might click on the Northern Territory...that then displays the thumbnail page for the NT.  This part is all good.  The next bit is the change I would like to do....the surfer then clicks on the first thumbnail and this then calls for a file, server side include (ssi) called casuarina1.txt to be wrapped inside my coppermine theme. 

This way I can use image maps for hyperlinking parts of the image to other sites, I can also fully customise the layout for each they don't all look the same.

Current test site is at (

The main page is making use of anycontent.php as advised in a previous post of mine!

If anyone thinks they can help but needs something explained a little clearer PLEASE ASK!

Tomorrow night I will try and mock up exactly what I am after.

Kind regards, and thanks for reading this far!