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Title: Counters Main Page Log In
Post by: rufride on March 09, 2007, 06:48:12 pm
Is there a way to place a counter on our Coppermine Photo Book
main page log in screen?

We need a way to count the individuals entering the photo book,
not the number of times each photo is viewed. 

Thank You for your help.
Title: Re: Counters Main Page Log In
Post by: Joachim Müller on March 09, 2007, 07:14:15 pm
Sure, go ahead and add your counter code to themes/yourtheme/template.html (if you want to count all page impressions and your counter is client-driven, e.g. written in JavaScript) or login.php (if you want to count only the visits per login page, PHP-counter possible as well as a JavaScript-driven one or a webbug).
If you have a counter driven by server-sided scripting (e.g. PHP or Perl) I suggest using the custom header feature for this purpose.

Out of the box, Coppermine doesn't come with counter scripts, but the web is full of them. Choose the one that suits your needs best and apply it as you see fit. Make sure to decide for a counter that doesn't need to manipulate the file header, as such counters are hard to get to work with Coppermine (if at all).