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Title: Wii-friendly theme
Post by: Tranz on February 15, 2007, 06:06:08 am
Since last year I offered a theme for Valentine's, I figure today is a good day to share a new theme, though it's not related to Valentine's Day.

With guidance from Web design guide for Opera Browser on Wii (, I modified the Classic theme to be more easily viewable on the Wii. That is, it doesn't require zooming in to view the text.

To make your gallery detect the Wii user agent so that it will automatically switch to the Wii theme, you'll need to edit includes/
Code: [Select]
if (eregi("wii",$_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"])) {
    $USER['theme'] = 'wii';

Attached is the theme in a zip file.

What's the point of this wii theme? Well, if you already have a Coppermine gallery, you probably don't need the Wii's photo channel. However, if you want to share your photos, why not use the gallery you already have?

Here's the Wii theme ( from my site.

Happy Valentine's Day (although it's already over for most of you).  :-*

PS. I haven't tested all the pages or functions so feel free to provide feedback if the theme doesn't work everywhere it should. I already know that the full-size popup doesn't work but that might be a limitation of the Wii Opera browser.