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Title: Adding Link to actual photo in photo album
Post by: JumpNetwork on November 07, 2006, 11:05:46 am
G'day All,

I am brand new to coppermine and am trying to figure something out, so please be patient.

I have found that you can click on a little icon (above an image) to display / hide file information (on the photo).  This drops down file information such as;

Album Name
File Size
Date Added

Now, concerning the URL, this is a URL not of the photo, but of this page in the album that has the photo in it.  So when you copy that link, and then open it in a browser, you actually open up the photo album and view the photo in the album.

I would like to know if either that can be changed, or if you can add another bar below, with the link to the actual image.  So that this image, when clicked on, will only open that image.

I understand that the URL is of the album displaying the image, and that is good, to stop bandwidth theft, but this is not an issue to me, and would just like to have something on that page, where you can see the direct link to that image.

I know that you can right click on the photo and click Properties (in Firefox), then you can see the direct link.  This link can then be copied and inserted into the bowser, and you will only see the photo.  I know how to do that, and am just wondering if there is a way of having this link come up in the File Information?

Hope that makes sence.

Title: Re: Adding Link to actual photo in photo album
Post by: Sami on November 07, 2006, 11:18:21 am
Either use bbcode ( plugin or Download and Alternate File Loading ( plugin or the one that donnoman post it recently (