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Title: SQL_MODE plugin allows you to override the STRICT MySQL Modes
Post by: donnoman on November 01, 2006, 07:29:34 am
SQL_MODE is a Coppermine Plugin Developer tool to enumerate and set different MySQL query modes.

This tool AUTOMATICALLY enables Coppermine's DEBUG OUTPUT on plugin installation to be able to
display complete SQL error modes, as enabling certain modes or combination of modes may render
your Coppermine installation unusable.

This is primarily a developer tool to FORCE picky SQL configurations, however it can
be used by end users to band-aid plugins that haven't been written to accomodate MySQL 5's
"strict" modes.

If you are having issues with a plugin or Coppermine itself, disable all SQL MODES so that
the Session Mode SQL is NULL. Verify that your gallery works properly, then disable the
debug modes.

Report the error that you were receiving to the plugin author, perhaps point them
to this tool to help them to test their plugin.

Download and support: