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Title: Bravo To The CPG Team!
Post by: No_Code on February 14, 2004, 03:19:15 am
I work in a small graphics department and as such, we take a good number of digital photographs and manage a large collection of stock photography images. The way that things were organized in the past, don't laugh, was my coworker would have to lay out the images, four on a page, in a program like PageMaker and then print it out. Recently, I came into possession of an old PII 400 Mhz system and I began to do a search for how I could manage images using a web server. I stumbled on Coppermine and once I taught myself the basics of Apache and MySQL, I had it running in no time. My coworker was VERY impressed with how well it works, and having worked at several major design studios, he said that no commercial graphics management suite comes close to managing graphics like Coppermine does simply because it doesn't require dedicated workstation to use in order to search/index graphics, since it's web-based. Currently, I have Coppermine keeping track of 600+ images with the coming addition of 3,000+ stock photography graphics that I pulled off of CD-ROMs that we have on file.

Between this, Samba and another PHP script that I installed to index and enable searching of all of our optical media, productivity has increased dramatically. Hats off to CPG!