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Title: visual confirmation during new album creation
Post by: pinpoint222 on October 26, 2006, 09:17:34 am
Single image based verfication : using it during new albums or for other verfications.

Question was asked in this thread
As the question was not related to comment hack for comments SO i am replying it in this new thread.

Here is what was asked

Hello pinpoint222

Really good idea, it works good... but....

...I have one problem - this protection also works when I add a new album and I want to write a description of this album (in album properties visible only in admin mode) and there's no field to write this code. Please help

Its good to hear it fulfilled your need for comments.

However .. there are few things which come first

1-- Although my hack only requires insertion of 3 lines but still those 3 lines are added in Core files as u can see(db_input.php)..  All hacks for comment system do the same but i think my hack has the smallest code. Hacking core files is not recommended ...Do it only when its really needed (spam in this case) and Do NOT FORGET Where u added the hack . When u will upgrade to newer version of Coppermine u must see that u put that hack code(those 3 lines) in the same file at the same location. Another beauty of this hack is that it is independent of Coppermine version but still works 100%.

2-- Now to ur new album issue.. This is what i get.  You want people/admin  to type in that image code while they try to create new albums or write new album's properties?
Title: Re: visual confirmation during new album creation
Post by: newkai on October 29, 2006, 11:58:54 pm
What tomeq11 asked, and I'm having the same problem...

Your hack messes up the ability to change album info! When I try to change my album properties, I get the comments error page!

When I edit an album's properties and click "Update Album", I get "Comments Could not be added. Redirecting. Please wait..."

So what we're asking is if you could modify your hack so it doesn't get rid of our ability to edit our albums!  :)

Your hack works great to prevent spam though!


Title: Re: visual confirmation during new album creation
Post by: pinpoint222 on October 30, 2006, 10:48:52 am

Thank you for the bug notification.. But now i have fixed it

No more messing with db_input.php file at all.  We will use a copy of it now.

Full details are here ..Read my last post in this thread

The summary is here
So here is the Summary of this MOD Now for everyone

1-- Change Theme.php as described in the start of this thread
2-- Make a copy of original db_input.php file and name it db_input2.php
3-- Add the 3 LINES to db_input2.php file.
4-- Keep both db_input.php and db_input.php in the same folder
5-- Upload the image and done.php as described at the start of the thread.
6- All check .tested and go.
7-- The end

That will solve all the problems..
The file db_input2.php which we created will be used Only to add comments.

Let me know if you got it working too. i have tested it and it is working.