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Title: increase the logging
Post by: Yabba on October 15, 2006, 06:15:27 pm
I think i posted here some minutes ago but maybe i missposted in wrong topic or it just fell between the chairs, (as far as i can tell this topic is not listed at ´feature reguests'

I would like to add in Feature request forum

Im looking for the function to log the ip addresses in a log file like the security, database, access view in view log files menu. When users log in to the coppermine album.
GauGau has one topic that handles the vote stats on:  he is able to sort out the ip addresses in that topic.

So basicly my question is to add an extra log file with just logins that includes the namne, time, ip-address

Today there is a log file for bad logins I would like the same structure but an extra log with successful logins instead
Thanks in advanced

Just to clear it up. I do not wanna know where the user has been on the album just that he/she has logged in and i can see the logg with the name and ip address, i dont have anonymous logins only registered users.