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Title: Theme Config File
Post by: Gizmo on September 15, 2006, 12:58:23 pm
Me being more theme oriented, is it possible to have a config file located in a theme folder that could override the theme related parameters set in the admin config settings? This way, a theme could be designed for a unique layout without the user having to change the setting in their configuration. As we've seen in some of the more narrower themes such as OrangeSky, Connections, Red Train and etc., having 5 thumbnails in the filmstrip or 5 or more thumbnails in the album display or "Show first level album thumbnails in categories" can either break these themes or distract from the designers layout intention. The groups of parameters in the admin config are Language & Charset settings, Themes settings, Album list view, Thumbnail view, Image view and obviously not all of the parameters in these groups would be accessible in this config file but only the ones needed to effect change in the theme.

Also in order to prevent confusion to a user when trying to make changes to a theme that uses one of these config files in the admin config , maybe a warning message to say that this theme uses a custom config file.

Title: Re: Theme Config File
Post by: Nibbler on September 15, 2006, 01:07:13 pm
You can already do this with the current theme system, override the default settings in $CONFIG with your own and display a message to the admin if you changed any of them. It's an interesting idea though.
Title: Re: Theme Config File
Post by: Gizmo on September 15, 2006, 02:06:33 pm
True but I prefer not to change too much of the core theme.php code in a standard theme contribution. It makes it harder to debug and modify which I'm sure will increase the number of theme questions from users. Then there's the issue of understanding what $CONFIG variables to change (and I'm not a strong code person myself....) so getting good designers to take on the challenge of producing more and/or better themes will be difficult.

Thanks for consideration!