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Title: Self-populating listing categories and search categories module desired
Post by: htenbyslide on August 21, 2006, 09:12:01 pm
Have a look at the search functionality of these photo gallery websites:

These websites all have self-populating listing categories which in turn become the self-populating search categories.

For the past several months my php programmer has been building an airline photo and video gallery site for me at from scratch. My existing programmer has become bogged down in the project, and someone suggested we try to use CPG and custom design a self-populating listing categories system, whereby image and video uploaders can suggest new categories (that aren't yet in the database), and the photo and video approvers can approve the new categories, and all of the website categories become the active search categories.

If you look at my existing website you will see that the search categories are by aircraft, airline, airport, photographer, category, date and keyword. From what I have seen on the CPG website demo page there is no similar capability designed yet for this program.

Can anyone tell me if this capability can be created for CPG.

One day I would like my website to be a combination of the (which is the world's most successful airline photo gallery website) and (which is the one and only airline video gallery website). I want to offer both video and photo gallery capability, with the video and photo sections of the website being segregated into seperate upload, approval, viewing and seach streams using the self-populating methodology described above.

If anyone can offer any insight into how to best develop this functionality, I would greatly look forward to hearing from you. My existing programmer would be more than happy to work with a CPG expert in integrating the self-populating listing categories and search categories that he has already designed in PHP into the CPG software. Thank you all for your time. Cheers, Henry
Title: Re: Self-populating listing categories and search categories module desired
Post by: Joachim Müller on August 22, 2006, 05:59:05 am
Not a valid feature request. Please read the sticky thread "NO SUPPORT in FEATURE REQUESTS (" on sub-board first to find out what type of postings is meant to go into that sub-board. Yours is identical to "Self-populating listing categories and search categories module desired (", so it qualifies as double-post as well.