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Title: Cannot delete .rar and .zip files!
Post by: jodest3 on July 07, 2006, 10:34:53 pm
Hi there,

I saw a topic ( here which is kinda what I have - the same problem with.  I'm just wondering - is there anyway to prevent this in the future?  I could have sworn there was a field in the 'config' of the gallery that you can say "no i don't want users to upload photos" but I can't find it lol.  I went over and over it again. 

Anyway, my gallery is here:

And if you see on the front page > you see these files.

I'm just curious - why would anyone upload these?  Are these for anything?  Do they give viruses?  Was a user trying to upload a picture, but didn't know and uploaded these? 

I really don't want to restart the gallery because of that like the person did in the topic I mentioned.  I am going to be contacting my host.  Do you have any other suggestions to delete these files?

I looked through my FTP - there was nothing in userpics.  And I tried deleting them on the gallery itself.  Nothing worked.

 - Jess
Title: Re: Cannot delete .rar and .zip files!
Post by: Nibbler on July 07, 2006, 10:52:08 pm
They have been uploaded in an attempt to compromise your server. You should delete the affected albums in Coppermine and then update your gallery to the latest stable version. If the files are already deleted then you may need to apply this ( to allow Coppermine to remove the files' database entries.