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Title: Random Block - Select Album
Post by: Paver on May 17, 2006, 07:11:29 am
As suggested in this thread (, this plugin lets you select the album or albums to use for the Random block.  If you only want to set one album, there is a nice web-based configuration panel to choose that one album.  If you want to set more than one album, you must manually set those albums in codebase.php.  There are two configuration options in codebase.php that you must set to use multiple albums.  You can find the album IDs (AIDs) in the URL when viewing the album or in the albums MySQL table.  At some point, I'll probably write up a web-based tool for selecting multiple albums.  For now, you'll have to set them manually.

This selection sets the Random block for all pages.  Normally, the Random block chooses photos from the category you are viewing (on the main page, it chooses from all categories).  This plugin fixes the Random block to use your selected album or albums on all pages.

Note: Do NOT request support or additional features in this thread.  Start a new thread on the main plugins board and reference this thread when requesting support.

v1.0 - Fiddlesticks.  I was too hasty in releasing this plugin.  The one person who downloaded it before I pulled it should be warned that it affects the "Last Additions" block as well, which is not what I intended. 

v1.01 - First working version.   :)