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Title: Automated A-Z navigation index
Post by: cgc0202 on April 20, 2006, 03:05:24 am

This feature is part of the wishlist I have in relation to the way I wish to use CPG.  To further aid a visitor in finding a specific album (aside from the search option) is to alphabetize the categories, subcats, etc., as well as the albums, indpendepently and as part of specific categories.

I plan to do this listing manually initially  but it would be nice to have this "automated"  so that the data would come automatically from the one already stored in the database, this would not only facilitate the process of categorizing and ordering but also in editing changes in names and locations (.i.e., category relocation for albums)

A related issue, I plan to  include ithe A-Z nav link index in either at the top or the bottom of the album.  The other more logical place when I want to place it would be the in between the list of "cats-albums" and the group of thumbnails.  An example of how this could be done would be like the anything.php feature (which I plan to use), but it would be good to have a similar php template file so tha the A-Z links index, or for that matter some other feature may be inserted within what is referred to simply as the "Gallery" module.

In the FAQs, an instruction was given on how to insert a feature above the "Powered by. CPG..", so this should be doable also.