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Title: Config-like presentation of the Cats and Albums
Post by: cgc0202 on April 20, 2006, 02:46:46 am

One of the many uses I have been thinking for the Coppermine is not a repository of photos by individuals -- it is very difficult to compete with flickr in that -- but more like a repository of "best" photos for specific categories, subcategories and multitudes of albums in each category. 

For example, I wish to and have started creating a photoalbum for my country the other day, although I have wanted something like that for a long time.   There are many free good photos already in the internet, especially  flickr (burried in mostly junk photos). 

When I tried to systematize them in my mind into categories and albums,, it may be several dozens of pages just for the categories alone, not even counting the albums. 

Would it be possible to create an "expand-and-compress" type of presentation, similar to the the basic layout of the Configuation page of the CPG -- maybe it is slightly more complex because there are not only categories  but albums,  I have seen this done with one links directory program, the only difference is that it is a list of links that is accessed and not photos.