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Title: Cut and Paste bbcode for v1.4.4
Post by: thejake420 on April 07, 2006, 01:01:01 pm
Has anyone come up with a bbcode mod for 1.4.4?

Here's the one from 1.3, if it helps...

Title: Re: Cut and Paste bbcode for v1.4.4
Post by: Nibbler on April 07, 2006, 01:27:47 pm
No support in feature requests.
Title: Re: Cut and Paste bbcode for v1.4.4
Post by: Joachim Müller on April 07, 2006, 04:40:55 pm
@Jake: you have already been told that you're on your own with this. You started your own thread, then tried hijacking a mod thread and finally you look for support on the feature requests board. Respect board rules >:(!
Title: Re: Cut and Paste bbcode for v1.4.4
Post by: thejake420 on April 07, 2006, 10:35:13 pm
EDIT: I moved my personal message to PM

Title: Re: Cut and Paste bbcode for v1.4.4
Post by: Joachim Müller on April 08, 2006, 12:30:44 am
This is the PM you sent me:
I moved this to PM because I didn't want to scream at you in public. Tha would be inappropriate.

I did what --YOU-- said. Make up your mind.

I didn't ask for support. I asked if anybody had the appropriate code. That sounds pretty GD much like a feature request to me. Learn to understand English (because that IS a feature request), and stop making your own definitions.

And stop telling me that I'm not allowed to ask for help. And stop telling other people that they're not allowed to help me. Screw you, you don't have the right to tell us who we can talk to.

I don't care if YOU don't want this feature. That's fine. Don't help me. But STFU and let the rest of us figure it out, because there are about 10,000 of us that -DO- want this feature. Put this thread in whatever forum you want, and ignore it afterwards. Frankly, I don't want your assistance if you're not going to be helpful.I don't have time for people who think they're "too cool" to help. If you're too cool, that's fine. So STFU about it and ignore the thread. Let us little peons figure it out on our own, but stop tagging every post I make with "INVALID" and crap like that.

Just because you don't want to help doesn't meant that the rest of the community doesn't want to, you wannabe snob.

I posted my own thread. You pooped on it. I went to a completely different thread and posed a perfectly relevant question to THE COMMUNITY, not you. STOP ANSWERING MY POSTS. If you're going to be a jackass about it, I would really rather not have your "help".

Then, since you implied that it was a new feature (since you shit all over my post for the EXACT SAME THING because it was in a 1.3 thread, therefore making it a "different mod"), then you poop on this.

STFU and let the community answer my question for Christ's sake. I tried to be polite. I even tried to be nice when you were starting to be a jerk. But now you're just being a jackass, plain and simple.

If you don't want to asnwer, then don't, but for gods sake, just tell me which forum you want it posted to, but don't tell me that I'm not allowed to even ASK. I'll ask whetever I want. That's the point OF A SUPPORT FORUM. If you "owned" Coppermine, then you could refuse requests, but you're just one of many coders. You don't have the right to telkl people that they're not even allowed to talk about features.

I'll do it in whatever forum you request me to do it in, but you will -NOT- tell me that I can't ask. Got it?

You want to stop this sort of thing, then make a forum where YOU don't tell people what they're allowed to think. Just because YOU don't want this feature doesn't mean that I don't want it, or that other don't want it. Make a forum called "Unsupported Mod Discussions" or something, and let us talk amongst ourselves whithout you being an ass and trying to tell us that we're not allowed to have our own mods.

Jake Russell
Review your attitude. There is a sticky thread on the feature requests board (named NO SUPPORT in FEATURE REQUESTS ( that clearly says what issues should be posted here. There's a sticky thread on the mods board that says you mustn't clutter threads by requesting mods to be modded for other versions for the benefit of the community. You have your own thread Want to add "Add this to mySpace" snippet ( where everybody is free to answer your question. I tried to be helpful and posted some suggestions, to give you ideas how you could accomplish what you're up to, that's why I posted references to mods that deal with similar issues. I didn't say there that you're suppossed to start cluttering those threads with your questions. From your initial posting I had the impression that you were going to code this on your own and just needed some pointers. This is what I did, nothing else.

If you "owned" Coppermine, then you could refuse requests, but you're just one of many coders.
You're right, the coppermine forum isn't mine. Yet there are rules on the board that exist for the benefit of the community. Users like you (who don't respect the board rules) make it harder for others to actually benefit from the information posted on the board. Spreading your questions all over the board is not a good idea, as you only have questions and no answers. It is my job as moderator to remind you about board rules if you don't respect them, and it's my privilege to flag threads as I see fit.

Learn to understand English
I'm flattered that the fact that English is not my first language made you lecture me on bad language, I learned a lot from your admirable PM. You are such a nice person. Please find some more examples on swearing. I'll give you one week to collect more interessting f-words (as you're banned from posting for 7 days). If you want to do something that actually makes more sense, read