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Title: Moving entire albums
Post by: blindrain on March 16, 2006, 07:32:06 am
is there a way to move entire albums to other albums so that i don't have to move each file indivually this has some what to do with another post for some reason when using the xp publishing wizard coppermine skips the approval process on the photos so i can't move the files that way so i was wandering if there was a way to move an entire album to another album that is preexisting or to make a user album no longer a user album  in my case the only registered users of the site help me upload files so if you could make a mod or plugin that would turn copper mine inot something like that it would be great most of the people that use the photos on my site don't want to have to deal  with logging in to see the pictures but some would like to be able to upload pictures but are to afraid to do that cause i have no good way for them to do that. oh the similar post by me was (