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Title: Who Is Online Plugin Addition...
Post by: Cenobitez on March 06, 2006, 12:37:40 pm
I was wondering if as a future idea it would be possible to have an additiona feature to male it a little more like the PHPBB one.

I was thinking...

A lis that shows ALL the online users/guests and the time they was last active

A further amendment to that that shows what catagory they are browsing ? or even what exact image ?

Maybe a setup like the breadcrumb/catlist/blah, something like "root/cat/(user),album/img", then the exact level of info can be decided ?

A direct link page, where you can view all this like on PHPBB its which is Clickable from the "Who Is Online" words on the panel on the index.

I did search the forum but only found 1 mention of the mod to veiw what exact image is being viewed but i thought a few variations maybe a good idea.

p.s. I apologise if its in the wrong section i got all confused looking thru all the sub forums and stuff.