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Title: Do not search album title
Post by: 00flash00 on January 21, 2006, 04:53:10 pm
I have got album with title Lolita, but when I give search, according to album title Lolita, so me him will do not find, why you do not give it to them search title album?
Title: Re: Do not search album title
Post by: Nibbler on January 21, 2006, 05:21:53 pm
It only searches details of the pics themselves.
Title: Re: Do not search album title
Post by: Paver on January 21, 2006, 05:32:07 pm
My plugin adds on the ability to search album titles & descriptions:
Code: [Select]

As Nibbler said, this is not a core feature, so please ask any questions about this on the plugin thread.
Title: Re: Do not search album title
Post by: 00flash00 on January 21, 2006, 06:12:48 pm
ok i am using you plugin and when a click to search in Internet explorer an write my error message :

Template error
Failed to find block 'log_ecards'(#(<!-- BEGIN log_ecards -->)(.*?)(<!-- END log_ecards -->)#s) in :

                <div align="center">
                <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1">

                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="admin.php" title="{ADMIN_TITLE}">{ADMIN_LNK}</a></td>
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="catmgr.php" title="{CATEGORIES_TITLE}">{CATEGORIES_LNK}</a></td>
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="albmgr.php{CATL}" title="{ALBUMS_TITLE}">{ALBUMS_LNK}</a></td>
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="groupmgr.php" title="{GROUPS_TITLE}">{GROUPS_LNK}</a></td>
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="usermgr.php" title="{USERS_TITLE}">{USERS_LNK}</a></td>
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="banning.php" title="{BAN_TITLE}">{BAN_LNK}</a></td>
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="reviewcom.php" title="{COMMENTS_TITLE}">{COMMENTS_LNK}</a></td>

                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="picmgr.php" title="{PICTURES_TITLE}">{PICTURES_LNK}</a></td>
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="searchnew.php" title="{SEARCHNEW_TITLE}">{SEARCHNEW_LNK}</a></td>
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="util.php" title="{UTIL_TITLE}">{UTIL_LNK}</a></td>
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="profile.php?op=edit_profile" title="{MY_PROF_TITLE}">{MY_PROF_LNK}</a></td>
<!-- BEGIN documentation -->
                                <td class="admin_menu"><a href="{DOCUMENTATION_HREF}" title="{DOCUMENTATION_TITLE}" target="cpg_documentation">{DOCUMENTATION_LNK}</a></td>
<!-- END documentation -->

and click search in Firefox all is OK , what is problem?

This does at of each of theme for version 1.4.3 !!!!!!!! in Internet explorer
Title: Re: Do not search album title
Post by: Joachim Müller on January 22, 2006, 01:48:54 pm
you have been told already that you're suppossed to ask questions that relate to the plugin in the thread that deals with the plugin. You also posted your issue on another unrelated thread. Double-posting and not respecting board rules makes supporters reluctant to look into your issues. Don't!