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Title: Considering using coppermine
Post by: agusus on January 07, 2006, 10:02:24 pm
Trying to evaluate whether to switch over to coppermine on my site. Got a few questions that I wonder if anyone knows the answer to:

1) Are there any templates that use purely CSS float tables, rather than traditional html tables? 
I can make one myself, but just want to know if there already is one that I can start with.
Html tables are mostly obsolete, so I prefer to not use them. :)

2) I also noticed coppermine doesn't put width/height attributes on its img tags for the intermediate images. (at least on the rainy_day and classic templates).  That's very bad, but easy to fix probably.  (actually, it appears that it only leaves out the width/height when it generates an intermediate image that is wrapped by a javascript link to the full-sized image. So maybe this is just a bug). It results in jumpy layout rendering in your browser.

3) It's too bad coppermine doesn't have a page with links to sites using coppermine. That'd give me more samples to view. The coppermine sites I've seen so far are pretty cooker cutter - they all conform to basically the same layout.  Is it difficult to make radical changes from the coppermine layout?  (eg., putting the "latest photos" block onto multiple and arbitrary pages on your site). I'm also not sure what to do with this "Categories" thing.  My site would only have one category - "All Albums." So I don't want a categories panel.  Or I could make each album its own category, but I don't want nested UI.

Anyway, this looks like a cool product, so I'm excited about possibly using it.
Title: Re: Considering using coppermine
Post by: kegobeer on January 08, 2006, 01:25:00 am
1.  No.  There are a few people talking about pure CSS, but there hasn't been anything actually developed.  And as for "html tables are mostly obsolete", that isn't true in the least.  Until CSS develops into a true layout handler, tables are still the best way to go.  If your comment was true, you wouldn't find a single table used to display tabular data.

Title: Re: Considering using coppermine
Post by: Joachim Müller on January 08, 2006, 12:41:15 pm
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