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Title: postnuke vs phpnuke
Post by: danp on October 04, 2003, 09:59:15 am
Please integrate this with postnuke!  I had a site running gallery and postnuke, gallery was REALLY slow and a hog so I had to change.  I found coppermine which I love but it is only integrated with phpnuke not postnuke so I had to switch.

After using postnuke phpnuke is horrid!  There are so many bugs!  For example their themes, they have variables assigned for each background color (just like postnuke) but then they don't use them, they hardcode all their colors.  It's like they had a good idea about how to do it then half way through just said screw it and hardcoded it instead.  And the way they do the theme for their forum too, I went nuts trying to get it the way I wanted it.  No wonder all phpnuke sites look the same, it's because nobody can figure out how to edit them.

I don't want to start listing all the other bugs I've run into, phpnuke is driving me nuts.  PLEASE integrate this with postnuke, their code is so much better and cleaner.  I would switch back to postnuke in an instant if coppermine was integrated with it but the only script that I have found to integrate them is by some guy who wants people to pay $30 for a few months subscription or some shit.

Integrate coppermine with postnuke!!! Please!!!
Title: Integration with Postnuke (and Xaraya)
Post by: eolica on October 04, 2003, 09:57:51 pm
I agree with you that some effort should be done in order to integrate Coppermine with Postnuke.

In my understanding there are two ways:
related subject:

Apart from postnuke also an effort for bridging to Xaraya should be made.
Xaraya uses an approach similar to the bridging of Coppermine, already done for Invision:
The Authinvision module allows you to authenticate a user with your Invision Board database.  The Authinvision module forwards the username and password from the login screen to the Invision database for authentication.

If someone with inside knowledge of Coppermine users system is willing to help on this, I can provide the Xaraya module with some explanation