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Title: Question on hidden categories, how to move albums and bulk importing
Post by: Boworr on December 21, 2005, 09:15:29 am
I found coppermine yesterday and had it running on my WAMP server in minutes. Excellent!
I have some newbie questions though...

Can you make categories that are not visible to everyone?
I would like to make nested categories but not make them visible to everyone. e.g.

Currently if I make categories, anyone can see them.

Can you move an entire Album from one category to another?
I'd like to be able to move an whole album from one category to another, but seem to only be able to do this file by file. Is there an easier way?
Can I automatically create Albums from uploaded subdirectories?
I have lots of images in that are already stored in subdirectories that I'd like to use as albums, i.e. Customers\Acme\Project A. It would be nice to point Coppermine at a base directory and it automatically go and create an album for each subdirectory it finds. I can then go back and edit the properties later.