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Title: Need more help with vbulletin theme
Post by: Vitesse on November 10, 2005, 12:21:37 am
I would have posted in my other thread but it was marked as resolved, my own fault really :)

I'm now stuck changing the blue bar's colours, also cant find those anywhere, been into the CSS and looked around and tried changing things but didnt do a lot, also checked in template.htm and cant find it there either

Any ideas where to look please as i'm not that great at coding and now im totally stuck, basically i want to change all the blue for a colour more fitting on my main site theme.

EDIT:  Resolved it in the end myself, just sort of fumbled around between template.html and style.css until i'd worked out all the CSS attriblutes that needed to be changed.

Don't know how to mark it as resolved (if i can that is) not very used to SMF