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Title: Adding an option to set maximum number of comments per album
Post by: isloera on October 16, 2005, 09:13:31 pm
In phpbb there is an option to set the maximun number of pms, so if I set the maximun to 20,  the oldest pms are deleted after number 20.  It'd be nice if that same feature could be implemented in Coppermine, but per Album.  For example, if I have two albums: AlbumA  and AlbumB, with this feature, I could set AlbumA to a maximum of 20 comments for all its pictures and AlbumB to an "infinite"  or to 50 comments.

When I say  setting the maximum, I mean actually deleting the oldest comments after the maximum set not just displaying a maximum  from the db.  I think this would be helpful so that the comments don't go out of hand.