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Title: Integration with ASP portal
Post by: arya on September 29, 2005, 10:08:38 pm
I'm not sure where to post. It is not a feature request...just some questions. MODs please move the post if it does not fit in here.

 I use an ASP portal ( Its very easy to use and i like it very much. However there is not decent galllery available which i could integrate to it and my site users are always complaining about this.

I plan to put CPG gaming site. But i want same user portal logins to work for the gallery. Can asp sessions be accepted or forwarded in this application in someway. Alternatively i can try and make a bridging script to import data from my portal DB(MS SQL) to CPG of user logins. and adding login to CPG each time a user registers. Still there remains an issue of password hashing, which i'm sure will be different in both applications.

Can someone someone please guide me in correct direction. If it is possible at all. If not what are other ways i can look at.

Thanks and regards
Title: Re: Integration with ASP portal
Post by: kegobeer on September 30, 2005, 03:45:31 am
AFAIK, there is no way to connect an ASP driven website to a PHP driven website.  You could probably come up with some sort of bridge to pull user data from your portal's user table and pull all other data from the Coppemine tables, as long as you have MSSQL enabled in PHP.  Hashing isn't that big of a deal - if your passwords use a MD5 hash, you can add a MD5 hash to the Coppermine login.  A hash is a hash is a hash.  A user would have to log into both places, however.  Logging in on one domain won't transfer to another domain, no matter what.  If you happen to have a webserver that provides ASP and PHP, then you could probably have your ASP app write a cookie and then Coppermine should be able to read from the same cookie, so the login would be shared.

Alas, you've run headlong into one of the limitations of using an ASP driven website - there just aren't a lot of open source apps written for a propriatery server technology.
Title: Re: Integration with ASP portal
Post by: arya on September 30, 2005, 04:09:37 am
Thanks kegobeer,

I got ASP/PHP MSSQL/MySQL...all on same server...or with same host. So thats not a problem coz i'll be putting up CPG in a subdir of my site. I'm not much experienced with php though. However the ASP app i use is very easy to modify. All i want that my users dont have to login again for the gallery. I can create user groups with same login name and with some effort and template editing i can amke it fit for the site.

Is it possible that both app can read from same cookie. The asp app soopportal uses MD5 Hash for sure but i dont know anything more of it. I'll try to do something on my own...however if anyone got some easier solution please drop here. Right now i'll be thinking of importing all logins and a workaround for sharing cookies. If anyone has done something similar in past please share with me

Title: Re: Integration with ASP portal
Post by: kegobeer on September 30, 2005, 02:38:38 pm
This is the general discussion board - if you need help with this, you should start a new topic in the freelancers/paid help board.