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Title: Slideshow: Blending from Image to Image, caching
Post by: pyzahl on August 30, 2005, 02:15:33 am
I like a Slide-Show with blending over from current to the next images, for a static (igal) based gallery I worked out a blending mechanism, based on java script,
see attached slideshow.js and example below.

Blending works then using the blendimage function like this:

      <A href="javascript:blendimage('blenddiv','blendimage', 'DSCN3708.JPG',5000,'1.html')">Prev</A>
      <A href="javascript:blendimage('blenddiv','blendimage', 'DSCN3711.JPG',5000,'3.html')">Next</A>

I also force caching of the previous and next image for immediate availability of image data for blending and switching.
Just have Look at the html source of the link below.

Example, click on "Blend: Next" -- I'm not sure if this works with MSIE, but all Firfoxes (Mozilla based) are working great: