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Title: Let user pick the image viewing size (small, medium, large, original)
Post by: cunparis on August 19, 2005, 11:28:19 pm
I think it'd be great if Coppermine allowed the user to select the size he/she wants to view the photos.  For example, at PBase, the user can select small, medium, large, or original.  I'm setting up my site and I'm debating on what size images I want to upload.  I'm thinking of uploading 1024xwhatever for full size and then having the intermediate size be 700xwhatever.  That way, the photos in portrait orientation will fit on a 1024x768 screen.  But even then it's a stretch.  It'd be cool if the user could select 1024 size if he has a big monitor, or 700 size if he has a small monitor.  I'm not sure if PBase generates these on the fly or not, which leads me to another request (posted separately) to have an option to generate the intermediate images on demand.

Thanks for listening,