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Title: How to populate avatar gallery?
Post by: rstober on June 16, 2005, 09:49:42 pm
Good afternoon,

Where do you all get you're avatars? I seen that some of them come from a German website, and I've seen that it's possible for me to populate an avatar gallery from which my users can choose avatars. But where can I get a wide selection of avatars for the users to choose from?

Thank you.
Title: Re: How to populate avatar gallery?
Post by: Joachim Müller on June 17, 2005, 08:16:16 am
The avatar creation script is on a german website I run, you can find it here: (with an english user interface: )
Your're free to create your own avatar there, or send your users there to get one. However, you can't download a full set of avatars there for your users to chose from (and it would be hard, as there currently are  41,797,537 billion different avatars that could possibly be created with the script).
The script itself is currently in beta stage, so there might be some issues with it. As it creates a high server load, I may be forced later to restrict access to it in some way or the other. Please click the link "about the avatar-script (this page)" on the page I refered to to find out more.