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Title: Halfway through theme edit, stuck.
Post by: ridebmx on May 30, 2005, 11:59:31 am

Im pretty new to coppermine but have been using phpbb for a while now.
I thought I would add a coppermine gallery to my forum so downloaded it and disliked it looking different from my site.
I read the file included and thought I would give it a crack at creating my own template.

I have worked through the initial problems and have been editing the .css file from a copy of another theme and have sorted out background colours, text colours and edited the button background image to suit.

But I am stuck with one small thing in which I just for the life of me cannot figure out.

When you are in admin mode, the buttons on all of the screens are black.
Like in the albums screen, the "add new" text is black, so you cant read it on the button.

I have been over and over the css but just cannot see any text colours I have missed and I dont know where I might need to add one to change the black text to orange.

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong here?

Many thanks.
Title: Re: Halfway through theme edit, stuck.
Post by: Joachim Müller on May 31, 2005, 06:12:35 am
edit the css class admin_menu. Note that it's split up into a "regular" section that determines the border etc., and one that determines the behaviour of text (all text on those buttons are links, so look for .admin_menu a {). Post a link for details.