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Title: Editing the template files?
Post by: Andorin on May 16, 2005, 01:29:18 pm
I've made a homepage, and wanted to have my coppermine-gallery inside the homepage. I use XHTML/CSS and divs. I redesigned template.html with divs, just placing the {} codes around. It worked fine, and in the html-file, I also added the header and footer for my homepage, so it intergrated pretty good. To make it look like the rest of the page, I removed the coppermine css file and replaced it with the homepage css file. The gallery is looking OK, but there still are some errors. Some widths, and there are some tables here and there. I editet the template.html in the classic-folder to make the template, but it does not edit everything. I saw in the template.html that for the gallery part, it was just one code "{GALLERY}". And by just pasting it into a div, I did not make any confiuration for the gallery. It still has tables, and I want to define the layout more detailed, decide the look. Where can I edit how the gallery categories at the frontpage look? The frontpage and other pages? I could not find any more html files, just some long php files. Which files should I start to look through now?

Quick replies are welcome.
Title: Re: Editing the template files?
Post by: Tranz on May 16, 2005, 01:40:20 pm
This was a sticking in the board you posted: