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Title: after spending all night reading, I have decided, NO WAY!
Post by: Discusted on March 18, 2005, 01:51:46 pm
I have spent all night reading threw these forums,    about problems and issues,  and come more often then not across someones obnoxious and rude replys.   Nasty response of "this has been asked do a search"   Well guess what over 25 threads to my issue and I still have no answer that actually helps me.

I have been online for over 10 years,  I have worked with free programs and support.    I am 34 years old and have 4 kids so I have a rather high tollerance for things,   but ya know.   

This place just rubs me the wrong way,  and I would sooner do with out a photo gallery at all then a product from people with such discusting and appauling attitudes, Mostly one Admin,  and that's shameful.

MAYBE  JUST MAYBE GauGau!!   your self proclaimed "I am a jerk" messages I have seen you leave replys to many places and putting people down.....

MAYBE just maybe,  you maintain a high level of bung holes and retards using your products because of the way you treat people.   Any half decent person would rather pay for a product then tollerate such childish and rude obnoxiousness from a self proclaimed jerk.

Now I am quit sure,  your nasty reply and remark will be splendid for all to see,   and I honestly don't mean this to be rude,   Just HONEST!  As I will not use this product,   nor will I return to care what you think or say.

If nothing else I am sure my post will be removed.   You get back what you put out,  and you seem rather boastful and proud of being a jerk and rude to people,  and STATE your refusal to be nice!   *see threads on browsers and script cookies.

BTW I have the issue,  my CLOCK!  is set correctly,   the responses on how to fix it,  *clicking on clock bottom corner*   when asked how.   Computer clock is fine,   and I am sure they meant with in the script.  Another probably awseome person appauled by the obnoxious attitudes here,   walks off.

This product "may" have a lot of users,  but it will come and go,  with the attitudes here,  I have seen many come and go quickly,  this will be the same way.  IT's a DARN SHAME!! 

SO those lucky enough to read this thread, before it's deleted.  There are other things out there to use,  and not supported by rude people.

YES GauGau,   I will move on!!  *waves*  Inclosing,  my wish for you as all mothers do,  or curse as most call it,  I hope you have a child JUST LIKE YOU!!!
Title: Re: after spending all night reading, I have decided, NO WAY!
Post by: Tarique Sani on March 18, 2005, 02:25:06 pm
hmmm... having a bad hair day are we?

Had I met you in real life I would have invited you to the bar for a beer... but now that you have had your say how about telling us what problems you have had with coppermine?

BTW - I would be most glad if my son turned out to be like me may be that has got something to do with culture. I am nearly 39 and got just one child and I have a unusually low tolerence for idiotic developers ;)

Lastly - no one will remove your post I assure you that!
Title: Re: after spending all night reading, I have decided, NO WAY!
Post by: jpaffett on March 18, 2005, 03:16:25 pm
I think maybe this person should get out a little more....

Having used Coppermine for a couple of weeks and so having spent a fair amount of time in this forum, I find the levels of information and help generally very good. OK. I'm a PHP/MySQL programmer, so I don't need too much hand holding. Sure, you get some egos displayed sometimes, but good developers tend to be a little egotisticall in my experience, you only have to look at the user names they choose!

I'm certainly quite happy with the levels of patience that Joachim displays in handling difficult/idiotic posters.

Title: Re: after spending all night reading, I have decided, NO WAY!
Post by: kegobeer on March 18, 2005, 05:39:54 pm
Wow.  This reminds me of the angry listeners that Howard Stern had, who couldn't stand him but tuned in every night to see what he would say.  I hope "discusted" (discussed?  discus?) tries Gallery and checks out those forums, maybe he'll (she'll?) see repetitive/ridiculous questions get irritated answers everywhere.

Shame on you, Joachim!  I'm outta here, too!   ;D
Title: Re: after spending all night reading, I have decided, NO WAY!
Post by: Tranz on March 18, 2005, 06:02:58 pm
hmm... even when I was starting out here in the forums, GauGau's sarcastic replies cracked me up. But that's mostly because they weren't directed at me. And that's because I used the search button and didn't ask silly questions.

I guess some people prefer to look at negative rather than positive things. Gaugau gives great replies when people ask challenging questions. It's the silly repetitive RTFM-type ones that cause irritation to anyone who answers thousands of questions.
Title: Re: after spending all night reading, I have decided, NO WAY!
Post by: jmc on March 18, 2005, 11:14:48 pm
I would guess he has a cookie problem, as he seems to refer to the server-clock time issue...
But, I agree with Tranz... I always thought the Search button was there for a reason! And, as tedious as it may be to wade through possibly dozens of related problems in the Search results, it only takes a bit of patience.
The Dev Team rock... nuff said! ;D
John Mc
Title: Re: after spending all night reading, I have decided, NO WAY!
Post by: donnoman on March 19, 2005, 03:38:51 am
a product

Did I miss a paycheck somewhere?  I hope its retroactive...

This is an open source PROJECT, it's thousands and thousands of people hours from many different folks. It's cost many contributers money, time, fame, and sanity to make this project available to anybody who wants to use it is CAPABLE of using it..

Your welcome to scratch your gallery itch any way you choose. A different open source gallery, roll your own, or pay for one.


As a user of an open source project you contribute by doing your own due diligence. Read the DOCS, Check the Faq, Search the boards. You have no right to be lazy and ask for support when you've failed to do the basics on your own.

Ignorance is not an option! If you cant do; Learn. If you can't learn; pay someone else to do.

If you ask gaugau a good question, you will get a good answer.  If you haven't done the basics YOU need to get an attitude adjustment.