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Title: Re: How do I call a php page that can use the includes if its stored in plugins/
Post by: jpaffett on March 13, 2005, 06:52:14 am
The problem occurs where you're trying to use or port an existing script. I'm trying to port an image editor, which was originally written as a plugin for HTMLArea and the only way to do this with your method is to go through the whole thing and recode the references, as it is now effectively running from the sites root directory.

donnoman is obviously seeing the same problem with HTMLArea for the minicms: "It hosed up htmlarea pretty good, though I've got some of the functionality back. It will just take time to carefully go through and re-hardcode the path to plugins/minicms/htmlarea ...."

Obviously it's better not to have to do this, but be able to plug these scripts in and go.