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Title: pictures in categories as instances of what is placed in user albums.
Post by: Agostinuke on March 07, 2005, 12:17:26 am

I don't know if this request has been already asked in one of the 28 pages of this board, I tried to find it with no success; anyway, I don't see it on the next CPG 1.5 feature requests, so, since I'm a bastard, here you are:

I'm running the Gallery bridged to SMF. It works fine. I placed a link on the code so each user of the forum has a link to its user space in the Gallery.

I set up in the Gallery many different public categories ( Now:

1) a user upload pics inside his/her album.
2) I move them inside the right category.
3) From that moment, the user album will be empty (unless he/her upload something more)
4) If someone click inside the Forum on the gallery link of that user, he/she will be taken to an empty album.

I see that when the admin move a pic from a user album to a public category, that pic doesn't belong to that user album anymore.
Bye Bye picture!

Wasn't more logic simply to put an instance of the picture inside the category (I mean inside the albums of that categories...or existing albums or copied albums from the user gallery)?

We would have all the original pics inside the user albums. And simple instances of them inside the various categories (and many of them, I would add; I could put a pics inside 3D>people but also inside 3D>people using the keyboard and also 3D>people writing questions to Coppermine developers at 1 A.M. in the night.). (and Maybe using checkboxes instead of a selection list? )

Thank you
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This would respond also to this other request, I believe....: