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Title: creating image folders inside folders and so on
Post by: sheriff on March 06, 2005, 10:47:09 am
Hello Every body,
 I would like to create image folders, i mean in the home page you can see the albums, if you click on an Album you will get the photos inside it, but what i need is if you click on a certain image inside this album it will open another album with many other photos.

Implementation and help needs as follows

step (1) - Creating a fixed url for each album
step (2) - Using one of the available field for each photo, using the field called Field 1 Name, naming it sub category
step (3) - Editing the displayimage.php file, so that before it loads every image it checks this Field 1 Name, if it is written points it to the other url written in the sub category.

best regards
waiting your further help,
kind regards