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Title: Adding file info in a batch
Post by: BunnyS on February 17, 2005, 04:34:20 am

I have about 1500 images - almost all loaded - and so far only about 100 have titles/date information. 

I also have the title / date info on a separate spreadsheet as well as in the form of a tab-delimited text file.  I do not have any file info on the spreadsheet (to link the two sets of info like a primary or unique identifier).  The spreadsheet is just title and date.  It is arranged however in the order of the file names (automically generated digital camera numbers).  I'm hoping that will be my saving grace.  Can the spreadsheet be directly uploaded to mysql using myphpadmin? Is there a way to synchronize the data to flow correctly into the existing files?

Thanks to anyone in advance who may be able to help with this problem.


Here's the project I'm working on: