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Title: Friend / Colleague List | Notification of New Uploads?
Post by: porkleton on February 13, 2005, 10:52:51 pm
I'm very interested in extending coppermine to include more community-friendly features.
It would be excellent if there were a way to add other users to a 'friends/colleague' list that would visually notify you if they have post something new.

Ultimately, you would add a user to your 'friends list' through a link on that user's profile.
After you have added this person, they would be included and visually represented as a a simple text list of gallery-hyperlinked 'friends' located at the top or bottom of your page.

1) In the database, 'friends' would be kept track of by the last time you visited your friend's gallery via a datestamp (Called friends_lastvisit, or something)
2) When your 'friend' would upload a new image, it would update a field in your friends user's table with a timestamp. (Called 'user_lastupdate' or something)
3) The module would then check against the dates of your last visit, and your 'friend's' last update.
4)  If the date on your last visit to your 'friends' gallery is less than the date of your friend's lastupdate, their username (in your friends list) will be a different colour, or include "(Updated!)" after the username.

Anyone interested in seeing this feature? It's geared towards a larger site, but I think it would be tremendously useful.