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Title: Lost in Newbie land
Post by: skypix on February 03, 2005, 08:17:21 pm
Thanks to GauGau, Casper, Kegobeer and all for the constant help you give on this board.

Utter newbie here, some GoLive and html coding, but php is confusing, I don't have the basics in my head and no time to become a coder...too many irons in the fire already!

 tried doing the mod listed in another thread (Casper referred to faq) about moving menu etc. to the right side but I didn't do it right.

I modified the eyeball theme to get this:

It created problems:

1 I lost my ability to log out.  When I mouseover the home logo button, nothing pops up at left like it used to.  I can't make enough sense out of the FAQ or other posts to know what to do.  Can't even find where the code for "login" or gifs etc. are stored!
2. Also, when I click on Album list, after originally going to the gallery from my home page (, click Stock Photography button lower left) then logging out, it no longer shows my two albums.   

i.e., if I click on the home logo button, it keeps me in admin mode, (because the logout button has disappeared!) but takes me to this page:

It should take me to this page:

I've read a lot and my head is spinning, sorry to be stupid.  I've searched and some questions are answered but more questions arise.

Would sure appreciate some help!  Ideally, I'd like to have the logo you see there instead of the stock eyeball graphics, but have everything else work.  All I wanted to do to eyeball was remove the graphics and put my own logo in there, otherwise I love the theme.