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Title: Minimize Requests ...
Post by: Rodinou on January 20, 2005, 04:45:05 pm
I have erased the Slideshow because when it's loaded by a lot of people, the server crashes.

Today, with about 4000 visits/day and about 120 000 view pages/day, the server Crashes several times / week.

When I see the logs, the problem is COPPERMINE.

So ... I think Coppermine becomes with time too heavy ...

My own server is a PIV 3ghZ, 512 RAM under Linux

So ... is it planned to create a cache system to limit the requests of the server ? Or another solution ?!

I think DHTML solution is perfect too to prevent from reloading ALL the interface to see only ONE picture ...

Or .. (last request) : is it possible to see a "LIGHT" version of Coppermine (for people who want only a PICTURE GALLERY, and not a lot of code to see video, flash and more ...)