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Title: Cant see new lines added in FAQ section
Post by: Leny on December 30, 2004, 02:47:16 am
Hello... can't find solutions in forum so... here i am posting again.

I was customizing FAQs in my languaje and i commented (//) some useless (for my needs) lines and they desappeared. Ok.

Later i added some new lines with my own questions & answers. To do this, i copied & pasted some of the original lines to maintain format this way:

 array('How do I rate a file?', 'Click on a thumbnail and go to the bottom and choose a rating.', 'offline', 0), //cpg1.3.0

  array('My question?', 'My answer.', 'offline', 0), //cpg1.3.0

Now I can't see my added new lines and this error appears:  Warning: Undefined index: offline in /var/www/ on line 33

But if I change the word 'offline' for 'allow_private_albums' at the end of the line, my new lines appears.
Im confused because a lot of the original lines have 'offline' in and they are showed.  ??? Which is the problem?? Which the sense 'offline' and 'allow_private_albums' are???  ???