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Title: How do you do this (sorry kind of hard to explain in the title)
Post by: bball2 on December 30, 2004, 12:13:26 am
Is it possible to have the pics show up in the main index.php file when it's a category? For example the demo coppermine installation on this site has the parent category food then the albums fruit/misc/pasta/vegetables with a description of it and a picture. Now I am just wondering if it's possible to have a subcategory underneath food say for example fruit and underneath that have two albums like oranges and apples but on the main index.php file it shows a random image or something like it does for the album.

So for my gallery I have the parent category of Basketball, an album streetball underneath that, and NBA/NCAA/WNBA as three subcategories. I am wondering if on the main page I could have the NBA/NCAA/WNBA categories show up like the streetball album.

I am pretty sure it's possible because I got it working on the main page once while I was trying to fix something else a while ago but havn't been able to since. P.S. I also searched the forums quite a bit but didn't find any relevant information.